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Digital Transformation Consultants

Helping you build the best business you can by adopting a Digital First mentality

Black Velvet Associates Ltd are a group of Digital Transformation Consultants who offer a flexible approach to IT projects. We work with you to fill the skills gap in your Digital Transformation Team or bring in an entire team to work on specific projects. We have specialists who can look after the People and Cultural changes, the Process and Governance as well as the more Technical aspects of getting your business using the best of today’s technology to improve productivity, develop better staff morale and increase profits.

Our flexibility brings you a more cost effective approach, utilising your existing resources where possible, enabling you to just bring in the skills you need for a specific project. We aim to empower your staff through effective training and knowledge transfer ensuring as best as possible that they are comfortable with the changes. Depending on the project we can deliver cost savings and time savings through better use of technology, improved processes or introducing better quality control.

All our Associates have a proven track record in their specialist field, are results driven and effective communicators.

Our ethos is to be Open, Honest and Jargon free! We believe you deserve from us effective communication, a customer-centric approach and to ensure our solutions are cost effective for your specific circumstances.

Whether you are in need of our whole team or just one specific skill set we are happy to have an informal chat.

People, Culture and Mindset

Any business transformation needs to involve your people.


Ensuring there is a smooth transition to a Digital First culture means making sure all your people are on board, that they see it as a postive move and realise the benefits, directly or directly, to them personally.

We have Associates who are successful in helping people through what can be a very stressful time.  Helping your leaders manage their staff through the inevitable change, in a human and caring way.

Our Associates help with training on all levels, from CEO to junior staff, so that your whole business thrives from change rather than resists it.

Processes and Governance

An understanding of the things that happen in your business (the processes) forms the foundation for how our Associates develop a plan specific to you. Ensuring your business has the best processes, work flows and Technology in place to maximise your productivity and, ultimately, your profits is what it’s all about.

It isn’t just about replacing manual processes or outdated software with shiny modern systems. It’s about working with you to find the best solutions.

Our associates understand the complexities of business transformation and ensure proper procedures are in place for the transition to a Digital First culture and for future expansion and development.


Technology is simply a tool to promote effective and efficient work practices.

The right choice will mean happy and productive staff, a smooth running business and of course an end result of happy, satisfied customers.

As a group we are not tied to any specific software supplier but are free to look at the whole market and find the best fit for you based on your needs, wants and budget. If a free piece of software will fill a need we will cosnider if it could function as a long term solution or a act as a stop gap while better solutions are developed.

We understand that whatever your level of investment in new IT solutions you most certainly need to see a return on that investment in a reasonable period of time.


Do you want to be more Digital but don’t know how to get there?

Being a Digital First company has it’s advantages. Being able to take advantage of the economies that using available digital technologies can bring is a fab idea for the majority of companies. It isn’t always obvious where you should begin. Our Digital Transformation Consultants are well practiced at desigining and implementing Digital First programmes. There is no reason your business can’t take advantage of the technology available to increase productivity and effect business wide savings.

Is your Digital Marketing not bringing you the customers you want? Are you getting a good return on your investment?

Digital Marketing covers everything you do to promote your business in the online world. Whether you have a website that just isn’t pulling it’s weight, an e-shop not making sales, email marketing not getting click throughs or you have no clue how to leverage Social Media to gain clients there is a solution. From identifying the issue to fixing it our team can help you solve your issues.

Do you feel you could look more professional online? Are you not attracting the right customers?

It may be that your brand is looking a little dated or you could feel you are not attracting the right type of customer. You may not have a website or a Social Media presence yet. Maybe yo have a website that isn’t yielding results because the User Journey or the User Experience isn’t quite right. Working alongside professional brand designers our Digital Team help you identify the right look, the right journey and the right customer experience so you can attract the right customers.

Do you want to expand your business but don’t know where to start?

A business can grow without you planning it but sometimes we want to make sure that growth is in the right areas, is sustainable and brings in the extra revenue we need. Planning growth means you stay in control of it. Staying in control of growth means it is sustainable. Our Business Consultants work with the team to help you put together a plan for growth that will work for you on along term basis. 

Do you need to make cost savings in your business? Are your business processes no longer the most efficient?

To be fair we all find the need to make cost savings, both in our personal lives and our business, from time to time. It isn’t always easy to see the most beneficial cost savings that will yield the most profitable results, short or long term. You can be so close to running your business that even the obvious can escape you. Your current business processes may have worked well when the business had a small team pitching in with everything but as you expand sometimes these process become inefficient. Working with an independent group of Business consultants and Business Analysts identifies cost savings and process changes you may never have thought of and could see a return on your investment in less than a year.

Is your website costing too much to run? Is your support package over the top for your needs – or not enough?

We have worked with many business owners where we identified cost savings on their web hosting or support agreements. Our Digital Marketing Consutlant has mananged to save some business owners 2/3 of the hosting costs and in some instances a lot more. It isn’t about getting a cheaper package, it’s about paying a reasonable price for what you actually need. Decent hosting is a must. Decent support is a must. But is has to be the best fit for your business. 

Is it challenging to get your Digital Suppliers to play nice together?

Working with multiple supliers for different aspects of a single project or programme can be challenging at the best of times. If those suppliers don’t play well together that makes the task of managing them even more difficult. Our Digital Delivery team are used to banging heads together and getting the team all on side. It can be costly to the business is a single supplier doesn’t deliver on time and on budget and when that is the fault of another supplier it is frustrating for all concerned. It may be that your web developer doens’t agree with the changes that your SEO company want or that your marketing company isn’t staying on brand with your guidelines. There can be lots of reasons for friction between suppliers but our team are experienced in smoothing things out.

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