The history behind Black Velvet Associates Ltd

Our brands and a Selection of our Associates

 Our History

The original name, Galaxy Consulting Ltd, was formed in September 2003 absorbing JK Design services which was established in March 2003. It provided both Consultancy and Development services. The Directors/consultants were highly experienced IT solutions experts at that time and have since developed their skills to encompass the Digital arena and all the associated services, such as Social Media and Email Marketing.

Galaxy provided on-site, long term IT consultancy to many different large corporations including Project and Program Management and, later, Digital Delivery Management. These services stopped in October 2017. Galaxy continue to provide consultancy services on an as-needed basis to SMEs and smaller Corporates.

The JK Design brand provided full design and development services for websites, mostly in the SMEs and smaller corporate market. They fully managed each project, including liaison with the project owner/sponsor.


The JK Design brand was separated from the main company and sold in April 2015. The John Jelly (registered Trademark) brand became the main focus and in time Blue Giraffe Websites and later Pink Gibbon were added into the mix.

This neatly separates the audiences with John Jelly retaining most of the SME Training work, while Pink Gibbon concentrates more on Consulting/Mentoring growing businesses. Blue Giraffe was originally created to support John Jelly students and deals solely with creating starter websites for Micro businesses such as Therapists and Photographers.

The same 2 directors who established Galaxy Consulting in 2003 are still the only 2 directors today.

In November 2019 Galaxy Consulting Ltd changed it’s name to Black Velvet Associates Ltd.

The brands that belong to Black Velvet Associates

John Jelly: Established in July 2012

Digital Training for SMEs and Micro businesses including Website, Social Media and Email Marketing Training. Small classes, small corporates and 1 to 1 training is carried out including a 6 month programme.

Pink Gibbon: Established in May 2018

Pink Gibbon supply Digital Marketing Analysts and other specialist Business Professionals to help make your business more profitable. They work remotely or on-site depending on the project.

Blue Giraffe Websites: Established September 2017

Web Design and Development using the WordPress platform to help Holistic and Creative businesses have an effective web presence.

Some of the Associates we work alongside

Valley Consulting UK

When it comes to taking a overall look at your business then you could benefit from the help and advice of a Professional Business Consultant. 

Valley Consulting is a UK based business consultancy firm that empowers business owners to take control of their business, before their business starts to control them. Our business consultants identify the trouble spots of a business – from sales and accounting, to leadership and team development – and devise an action plan to strengthen those areas. When implemented, our business advice can help drive revenue, increase sales, improve company morale – and most of all, build the business and help it grow.

Angel Analysis Ltd

When it comes to looking more deeply into how your business functions on a day to day basis then you could benefit from the expertise of a Professional Business Analyst. Angel Analysis can look at saving you money by analysing what process take place, ease communications between the business and the IT department and look after key Stkeholders in your project.

Next Steps

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