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Digital Marketing Analysis - Full Package

An independent evaluation of your digital marketing

Package Price £1750

This is the perfect package if you are unsure whether any of your digital marketing is really working for you. We will look at all of the data you have available from any channel you are using. But we won’t just give you a report on how you are doing. Instead we will look at solutions too. It’s no good just knowing what’s wrong, you need to know how to solve the issue and make improvements.

This exercise is about improving what you are doing to market your business so you can get more customers and increase your profits. At the end of the day it’s the same for every business. Whatever your motivation for running a business you need to be profitable.

The package includes:

  • Detailed Website Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation Analysis
  • Social Media Anlaysis
  • Email Marketing Analysis
  • Traffic/Google Analytics Analysis

Each report will be written in plain English so you can genuinely understand what is going on and, more importantly, what to do about it.

One of the biggest reasons I hear for not getting a proper ‘independent’ assessment done on your marketing is that there are plenty of free offers out there. 

But those companies offering you a ‘free’ assessment have only 1 motive – to tell you there is a problem so you will pay them to fix it. So is it really ‘independent’? No. They have a vested interest in finding specific faults. Generally they will only tell you have a problem and not give you the actual useful bit – how to fix it yourself!

We will give you suggestions on how you can improve any negatives but also capitalise on the good stuff too. If you need us to we can suggest the right staff members or companies to do the work or work with your existing team to get things sorted.

The truth is that getting a proper, independent assessment done on your digital marketing could SAVE you money, increase your profits and bring additional benefits to too. Having a report on what could be improved alongside suggestions of how YOU can improve it will guide you to making your marketing really work for you, converting prospects into paying customers.

If you’ve been worrying that an independent assessment of your digital marketing is too costly, then it’s time to consider how many customers you are missing out on. What is the value of just 1 new customer to you? How about 10 new customers?

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