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Digital Marketing Analysis - Website Package (Mini)

An independent evaluation of your website

Package Price from £150

Have you ever looked at your website and thought – is this actually working for my business? 

I know that many feel they have paid such a lot for their website but it doesn’t feel like it’s earning its keep.  

You worry that not having a website could impact how others perceive your business but keeping it is costly.

I get it. We are told that having a website today is an essential part of being in business but knowing if it is genuinely profitable can be a tough one. You need it to be a success, not just another invoice to pay. Where do you start?  

That’s why I help business owners like you really understand not just what their website is doing for their business today but what it could be capable of in the future AND how to achieve that. 

Not only could you have a clear picture of what a profitable website should be but also be confident in moving your Internet Marketing forward to grow your business. 

Plus you will know you are getting a good Return on Your Investment (ROI) in both time and money.

In fact you get a report that you can understand and work through at your own pace or pass to a professional so that your money isn’t being wasted.

Our Full Website Analysis package is designed to look in detail at your website, not just from a technical point of view, but from a customer point of view too. This is an abridged version of that package aimed at Micro Businesses that have a website with 5 or less pages.

There are lots of automated reports you can run across your website to highlight what is wrong from a technical point of view but with this package we look at your website as a real live human being too.

The baby version of the package includes:

  • Visiting your website as a potential customer
  • Following the journey your customer takes on your website
  • Looking at the experience your website gives potential customers
  • Look at the how well it is likely to convert visitors to customers

All our packages come with suggestions on how to correct or improve the negative aspects and also, how to capitalise on the good stuff.

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