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Digital Marketing Analysis - SEO Package

An independent evaluation of your website

Package Price £500

If you have had your website search engine optimised by a 3rd party but still aren’t getting results then perhaps you need an independent review of what’s going on. Maybe you are still paying for SEO but aren’t convinced it’s working.

This package gives you an independent view of what is really going on. The report we will give you will be written in plain English so you can genuinely understand what it says.

This package includes:

  • Technical reports on how quickly your website loads (site speed).
  • Examination of the most appropriate keywords for you
  • Checks that your website is optimised against the best keywords
  • Independent look at where you rank for the best keywords
  • Independent look at what keywords you rank for
  • The number of links to your website
  • How fresh your content is
  • How readable your content is to Google
  • How relevant your content is to your target audience

All our packages come with suggestions on how to correct or improve negative aspects and how to capitalise on the good stuff.

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